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Almost Four South-Of-The-Highway Acres For $2.39M?

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This looks like the deal of the decade until you read the listing's address: 2983 Montauk Highway. There's south of the highway and then there's the south side of the highway. The three-bed, barn-style home is, unfortunately, the latter. Originally built in the 1740s, the house has been completely modernized and now includes a gunite pool, geothermal heating, central air and a separate guest cottage. Sadly, updates can only do so much. As nice as this home is, the location is going to be almost impossible to overcome. That's probably why the property has been on the market for more than two years.

Our question for Curbed readers is this: What's it going to take to finally sell this place?

· Listing: 2983 Montauk Highway [Prudential]