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Reader Comments

Curbed Readers weren't interested in biting their tongues last week. Check out the myriad of things they felt like sharing:

NOT A FAN: "Nothing custom about it. Everything is off the rack."

SURF LODGE TWISTS THE KNIFE: "Surf Lodge has been in a "dammed if you do, dammed if you don't" situation with the Montauk folks for years now. Blatant Disregard is unfortunately the route they seem to now be going down - after all, the fines and violations are just parking tickets to the Owners."

BEEN SPENDING MOST OUR LIVES LIVING IN A BOATER'S PARADISE: "The interior of this house is beautiful! Not really keen on the pool house colors though, but the spot is fantastic and the interior is exquisit."

STILL A GOOD DEAL: "Put a wrecking ball to everything else and start over. Not worth renovating a house built in the 70's, especially with the exterior looking like that."