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Big Reveal: How Much For This Sagaponack 6-Bedroom?

Location: Sagaponack (North of the Highway)
Asking: $4,900,000

The commenters in this week's pricespotter seemed to be hoping for the same thing: something south of the highway and nowhere near the airport. The three best guesses all offered some variation of that:

"I bet $5M - but they'll be lucky to get $4M if it's too close to the airport."

"Best case is $5mm, but if you can't do anything w/ the land and its next to the airport it's only worth $2.5mm."

"I bet 4.9MM but id rather pay $5 mill for a knockdown on a builders acre SOH in Sagaponack."

This week's Lowball Award™ goes to guest #1, whose guess missed the mark by over $2M: "I'm sure they think it's worth about $3.5 mil - true value is about $2 mil, so the median would be $2.75 mil and my guess is that's what they'll list it for." Update: At the time this post was originally published, we were working with information and photos provided by an agency that had mistakenly listed this property as one of their own. The listing's correct agency?Sotheby’s International Realty?feels that the description and photos do not accurately reflect the property. We sincerely regret the confusion.

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