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Pick Up A "Sense Of History" In Bridgehampton For $3.58M

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Located just south of Two Trees Stable, this Bridgehampton 1.1 acre property "comes with a sense of history"?it features a renovated 1780s farmhouse and an updated, fully converted potato barn. Between the two there are 5 bedrooms, 7 and a half bathrooms, a grand entertaining area, 3 fireplaces, offices, studios and a basement apartment. A poolhouse (with gym), heated gunite pool and rear patio make up the rest of this north of the highway compound.

The property was first listed for $4.25M in late September and has just received its 3rd pricechop, leaving it with an ask $3.58M. We're curious to learn what readers think. After this most recent discount, is this home priced right or is another decrease in order?

Listing: 1780's Renovated Farmhouse And Barn [StreetEasy]