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Citizens For Access Rights Scores A Couple of Victories

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The summer may be long gone, but the fight over beach access continues. This past week saw a pledge of support from the town of East Hampton and an injunction denial from the NY State Supreme Court.

Following an accusation of being "wishy-washy," the East Hampton Town Board passed a symbolic resolution expressing its pledge to fight any attempts to privatize the 4,000-foot-long stretch of waterfront. The resolution's passage took longer than expected?it was first drafted by the Citizens for Access Right in April?because the board was worried that some of its language would be seen as an an attempt to undermine the town's trustees, who have jurisdiction over the town's shores. If area residents weren't convinced that the board remained committed to public access, the resolution should answer any questions:

"The board pledges its full support to aggressive defense of present pending lawsuits against the Town and the Trustees; and of future claims or attempts to wrest ownership, access or control of the beaches from the public; including defense of the traditional rights of all user groups which comprise our community, including without limitation, pedestrians, quadrupeds, vehicles and fishermen." The other piece of good news for CfAR comes courtesy of the NY State Supreme court. The court declined to issue a summary judgment for the lawsuit brought in 2009 by the White Sands Motel. Instead of ruling on the case without holding a trial, the judge ordered the suit proceed next year.

A second lawsuit, in which area homeowners claim ownership of the mile-long beach, is still before the judge. However, since the two cases are so similar?they were even filed in conjunction with one another?the judge's ruling is expected to be the same.

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