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Reader Comments

The Curbed comment section sure was humming last week. Here's a selection of the more notable notes our readers chose to share with the group:

AGENTS SURE ARE A CHEERFUL BUNCH: "Ernie Cervi certainly threw Rick Hoffman under the bus. Perhaps one day, Corcoran and its agents will find out just how superficial, ruthless and Machiavellian Ernie is. I am wondering when Corcoran plans to announce that Ernie is the next regional manager."

SO...SHOULD WE TAKE THAT AS A NO?: "A waterfront house with virtually no view of the water. Wait for the price chop on this one."

BUY US! PLEASE!: "How long do you think it will take the surf lodge team to purchase these properties? Bye bye Montauk."

YOU LIKE IT, YOU REALLY LIKE IT!: "I'm loving the complete absence of art. Plus the fact there's no retro-Versailles/flocked/purple wallpaper as an accent anywhere."

PRICESPOTTER GOT A LITTLE UGLY: "Obviously, #1 and #2 have no idea of prices in Southampton Village or what it would cost to rebuild this house."

WE WILL NEVER CALL ANYTHING WEIRD AGAIN: "Does it really matter what it is!? It was designed as a studio - art, yoga, writing...a creative space..a reading room...but it can be anything you desire. Open yourself up to the freedom of miscellaneous outdoor structures! They are havens."