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Big Reveal: How Much For This 5-Bedroom In Southampton?

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Location: Toylsome Lane, Southampton
Asking: $6,500,000

This week's installment of Pricespotter had accusations flying?"Is this your listing...or are you the owner?"?when there was some disagreement over the cost of a place in Southampton Village. An early commenter used a little math to explain his guess: "5,850 sq feet @ $400/ft = 2.34mm, Land = 2mm, Should be worth around 4-4.5..." later adding, "There are plenty of ripe candidates for tear down in SH village in the 2-3mm range." This was met with more than a little incredulity from readers who correctly surmised this property's street name: "$2M acre on Toylsome lane? Let me know I want in on that!" and "Show me a tear down on almost an acre on Toylsome for $2M. Doesn't exist."

Those that eschewed the argument and remained focused on the task at hand were all pretty close, but only one commenter was spot on: "Looking at aerial it is probably on Toylsome. So I say $6.5M."

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