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Former Home of "From Here To Eternity" Author Got Weird

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Originally "built to capture the sunsets from one of the highest points south of the highway," this 1860 Sagaponack farmhouse once owned by James Jones now boasts some pretty impressive "green" bonafides?active and passive solar, geothermal heat and a lawn irrigated by recycled rain water?to go along with it's similarly impressive $8.5M ask. While we applaud Modern Green Home's sustainable updates to the 8,500 sq. ft. living space, we can't make heads or tails of the two structures separate from the main building. We're pretty sure the one with the sheep statue is a pool house, but not confident enough to bet on it. And we've got no clue what that other building is...maybe a gazebo of some sort? If Curbed readers have any theories, we would love to hear them.

· Listing: From Here To Eternity [Sotheby's]