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Montauk Landmarks Long To Be "Under New Management"

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Is life on the cubicle farm making it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Are you sick of hearing co-workers prattle on about last night's "Dancing With The Stars"? Does the thought of singing another sad rendition of "Happy Birthday" have you ordering Zoloft from an online Canadian pharmacy? If so, this week's deathmatch is for you.

The first opportunity to be your own boss is the good ol' Ronjo Hotel. Curbed readers might remember that this 33-room "unique opportunity" entered the real estate market foray not too long ago. While its rooms and reputation are in desperate need of rehabilitation, this centrally located hotel could be your ticket out of middle management purgatory. Price tag: $4.999M.

Our next escapist fantasy comes in the form of the Shagwong Restaurant And Tavern. This Montauk institution not only offers a 112-seat restaurant and tavern downstairs, but a 4-bedroom apartment upstairs. Having been the recent recipient of a $1.5M pricechop, its ask is also hovering around $5M.

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· Listing: Montauk Ronjo Motel [Atlantic Beach Realty]
· Listing: Iconic Shagwong Restaurant And Tavern [Atlantic Beach Realty]