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After 20 Years, Bay Street Theatre Will Leave Long Warf

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A combination of lagging tickets sales and rising rent is forcing the Bay Street Theatre to find a new home (and new name) in 2013. After successfully negotiating a three year lease extension in 2008, the property's owner, Patrick Malloy III, made it known that the rent will increase to $200,000 per year when it expires. The increase, along with assurances that it wouldn't be the last one, convinced the theatre's board to look elsewhere for performance space. Speaking at a Sag Harbor Village board meeting, Murphy Davis, Bay Street's creative director said:

"[The] decision has been made by our board of directors. We’re going to see our lease through to May 2013, and we’re in the process of trying to evaluate where we are going to go. We’re committed to staying here in Sag Harbor. Unfortunately, staying in Sag Harbor might not be an option for the non-profit. Because performances usually sell less than half of their available tickets and philanthropy has cooled with the economy, a home in the village could be too much for the theatre's budget. The theatre's executive director, Tracy Mitchell noted, "The cost per square foot is not out of line with the rest of the village?it’s just not in line with our business to be operating here." The theatre has formed a Housing and Venue committee to help with the search. · Bay Street Theatre To Close In 2013, Seek New Location [27 East]
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