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If You Have $39M, You Should Probably Just Buy This House

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People in the $30-40 million price range have it hard these days: the remaining portion of Chevy Chase's old home is only $21 million, and ad exec Jerry Della Femina's oceanfront home keeps getting pricechopped. But wait! Something new in the estate section that puts nearly every other listing to shame. The property belongs to business executive Richard M. Burdge (whose late wife was an accomplished singer), and spans 8.4 acres of waterfront land. Oh, and then there's the accompanying French Normandy mansion, which is rounded off with a mini-me guest house, detached garage, and extensive pool cabana. Is anybody really surprised that "one of the most important houses in Southampton" is also one of the most expensive?

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· All photos courtesy Chris Foster [Fostergraph]