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Sag Estate Has 3 Houses, Each with More Bedrooms Than the Next

Fresh off the heels of its Curbed Cup victory, Sag Harbor now brings us this delightful village compound. The $5.7 million spread comes with three 19th century structures, each one slightly bigger than the next. Up first is the main house, which was overhauled by starchitect Rafael Vinoly. On his website, Vinoly explains how he transformed the house's cramped attic into a single "maple-paneled" master bedroom with "many elements of traditional Japanese design." Mixing old with the new: gotta love it! Up next is the Summer Cottage, complete with some casual living space and three bedrooms. And last but not least is the Victorian Cottage, which boasts a spacious porch, and over four bedrooms. With all these extra bedrooms, summertime freeloaders will be aplenty.
· Listing: Extraordinary Sag Harbor Compound [Sotheby's]