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A 5,000-Square-Foot Home Is Rising in The Dunes as We Speak

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Like many waterfront homes before it, this 5,000-square-foot shingle-style colonial is rising from the dunes—and in a big way. Look how perched up it is! The .4-acre tract of oceanfront land is tucked in Westhampton Beach, and is set to host the completed version of this house by April. Once finished, the home plans to provide seven bedrooms, a large third-floor space with impressive ocean views, a pool, and even a catwalk to the ocean. You're probably thinking oceanfront construction like this will break the bank, but the property's $4.4 million asking price actually seems pretty reasonably, especially since its guaranteed to rise above to rest (physically, at least).
· Listing: Perfection on the Beach [Sotheby's]