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Blame Supply and Demand for This Listing's $60M Price Tag

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A couple months ago, it came to light that there only seven individual oceanfront parcels in Wainscott. That's not very many, now is it! And with an endless demand for oceanfront property, the shortage probably has something to do with this new Beach Lane mansion's $60 million price tag. The estate spans a whopping six acres, which is also pretty rare for any East End town, let alone Wainscott. Included on the land is an 8,000-square-foot neo-classic-style home with seven bedrooms, a pool, separate pool house, and a tennis court. Of course, if $60 million seems out of reach, there's always this $23.5 million Wainscott property, which still boats an impressive 2.5 acres of land.
· Listing: Breathtaking Mansion on 6 Acres Oceanfront [E&V]