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Mother-Son Broker Team Sold $200M Worth of Real Estate in '10

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Remember when mother-son team Susan and Matthew Breitenbach helped put $50 million worth of real estate in contract over the course of a few months? Turns out that feat was just the precursor to a very successful 2010. Shocking, we know! In an email, Susan Breitenbach reveals that they sold $200 million last year, adding "think it was our best year ever, which I never would have thought!" So where exactly do all of these sales come from? It's a mix between helping to broker the usual suspects, as well as some staggering land sales, including the "highest land sale transactions in two towns." Last year, Susan Breitenbach landed the #6 spot on the Wall Street Journal's top 100 brokers list with $126 million, so this year's showing should be equally impressive.
· Sold Gallery [Breitenbach Hamptons Real Estate]