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So Maybe Fairway Will Return to Poxabogue After All

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An entire season since Fairway's sad departure from the Poxabogue Golf Course in Sagaponack comes some encouraging news! Ever since Fairway left, the now-empty eatery, which is owned by both Southampton and East Hampton, has struggled to find a new tenant. For a while, it looked like an export from the North Fork—Love Lane Cafe—would move in, but problems with mold and arguments over hours of operation ultimately ended the deal. But now the Southampton Press reports that Danny Murray, the owner of the much-loved Fairway restaurant, would consider moving back. And we could have a final answer as early as February 22, when "the town hopes to have selected a new tenant."

As noted, the restaurant was plagued by mold, and was put through a $100,000 renovation to abate it. Problem is, Murray says the restaurant is mostly just a shell now, and would require a lot to bring it back to life. He tells the Southampton Press, "It's a tough little spot now—you’re going to have to put a lot into it to open ... I did well there, but it's still just a 34-seat restaurant."
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Poxabogue Golf Course

3556 Montauk Highway, Sagaponack,, NY 11962