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$24.9M Village Latch Inn Now Marketing Its Condo Potential

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After a one-year stint with Corcoran, the Village Latch Inn now finds itself listed with Faith Hope Consolo and Joseph Aquino of Prudential for $24.9 million. Over the years, the 5.5-acre compound has had some success in finding a buyer, especially in 2009 when it was thisclose to getting a $27 million contract. But given the limited interest since, The Real Deal finds that Prudential will focus on marketing the inn as a unique development opportunity, rather than as a residential property. Says the listing agents:

If the property is converted, it could be made into one-family homes, or possibly condos that would be 3,000 square feet each, like mini estates ... We really think that the highest and best use would be for someone to come in and develop it.The brokers add that the next door Whitefield Condominium would serve as an excellent example of what the Standford White-designed Village Latch Inn could be. When it doubt, do as your neighbors do!
· Southampton inn hits the market at $24.9M [TRDNY]