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North Haven Estate Actually Sells for $2M More Than It Wanted

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

When this 6,800-square-foot Peter Cook-designed home first hit the market, it only wanted a measly $18 million. With 11 acres, 850' of waterfront, and a buildable lot, the property quickly realized it could do better, and increased its price to $25 million. Unfortunately, the priceupper was a little too dramatic, and it took a $3 million 'chop before the house found a contract. But now Real LI reports that the house sold for $19.75 million, almost $2 million more than its original ask. Not bad! Real LI continues that the buyer is real estate developer Andrew Farkas, who's upgrading from a lesser $9.45 million house in Southampton. We have a feeling broker Susan Breitenbach is particularly thrilled, especially since this sale contributed to the $50 million her and her son put in contract since October.
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· All photos courtesy Chris Foster [Fostergraph]