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Five Months Later, $4.9M Water Mill Postmodern Scores Contract

Only five months after hitting the market, a unique looking post modern home on the secluded Bay Lane has entered into contract. And get this, no pricechops in sight! At $4.9 million, the price must've been right! The 4,700-square-foot home sits on an acre of land, which happens to overlook a large swath of farmland. It's also near a neighborhood boat launch—the one that may or may not become a controversial sailing club—which supports all sorts of aquatic pursuits. According to records, the home was last traded back in 2001 for $2.9 million to a couple involved in screen-writing and publishing. However, to whom this house is transferring remains a mystery.
· Listing: Bay Breezes in Water Mill South [Saunders]