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$3.395M Cottage-Style Village Home Opts for Sleek Interior

On Mill Hill Lane, an in-town street mostly adorned with traditional shingled cottages, now sits this surprisingly sleek home, which was recently built from scratch. From the outside, the property sort of looks like any of its neighbors, but from the inside, not so much! The first floor includes an all-white stairwell, white floors, a simple white kitchen, and a living room that's been staged with—you guessed it!—all white furniture. The second floor and basement start to see some color, especially in the guest rooms and a lower-level library. Also downstairs is another unique feature: a "1,000 bottle custom wine cellar." So how much to take ownership of all these unexpectedly sleek finishes? $3.250 million, or the recent selling price of another new home down the street.

This 3,900-square-foot home, also a spec house on Mill Hill Lane, sold in April for $3.250 million. Perhaps the inspiration for the new house's asking price? The finishes in this home are somewhat comparable, but it seems to dominate the new one in space. Either way, a useful comparable!
· Listing: Village Splendor [Corcoran]
· Listing: 61 Mill Hill Lane [Corcoran]