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Prudential Broker Accidentally Takes Corcoran's Babble

Corcoran's "Live who you are" campaign is actually rather catchy. So it's hardly surprising that a broker from Prudential accidentally let the line—"Make it your own, live who you are"—slip into her prose for a new listing. An honest mistake! Anyways, all of this really just gives us an excuse to investigate the broker's new property, which encompasses five acres of Wainscott land. Priced at $7.5 million, the spread offers its own little pond, which is suitable for ice skating in the winter, and a modest post-modern house. It also offers access to Georgica Pond and the prestige of living near pharmaceutical billionaire Stewie Rahr, whose parties attract Bill Clinton, Christie Brinkley, Donald Trump, Lionel Richie, and Prince Albert of Monaco. Who knows, maybe buying this house will earn you an invitation too?
· Listing: Desirable Wainscott [Prudential]