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Pesky Gin Lane Home Crashes 'Madoff Feeder's' Family Portrait

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Look at what sneaky little Gin Lane estate went and photo-bombed hedge-funder Walter Noel's family portrait! It's the Longview estate, which has been on the market for well over $30 million for quite some time now. With about 300' of frontage on Lake Agawam and 2.5 acres of manicured lawns, the property is touted by broker Harald Grant as "one of the finest homes on the East End." And while that's largely true, it's hard to deny that this property has thus far been a tough sale. But maybe that's just because the neighbors—Mr. Noel and his family—were recently accused of intentionally keeping quiet about Madoff and his nasty little Ponzi scheme.
· Listing: Longview: Gin Lane Georgian Estate [Sotheby's]
· Madoff Trustee: 'Boundless Avarice'; Fueled Noels, Others to Commit Fraud [NYM]

99 dune road, Southampton, NY