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Once Again, Summer Was the Sunset for the Montauk That Was

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Suddenly, somehow, Labor Day weekend is upon us. As such, what better time to cast back our gazes at the trend story of summer 2009 summer 2010: the continued death of a sleepy little fishing haven known as Montauk. In the East Hampton Star, in a piece titled "They Call it Noveau Montauk," Kate Maier steps to the task:

Courtney Darenberg, whose family owns the Montauk Marine Basin at the other end of the lake, recently celebrated a birthday dinner at the Crow’s Nest. She and her brother, Chase, described the scene as a dark cavern from which “creepy” servers appear almost out of nowhere, in the strangest of uniforms. “The whole fish was amazing, the halibut, so-so. Our waiter told us all about the seafood tower, and said that everything comes out of Lake Montauk,” she said last week. “The shrimp, sea scallops, everything,” she added. “I wouldn’t eat an oyster that came out of Lake Montauk, would you?”Coming in summer 2011: even more stories about the Crow's Nest, following a promised winter renovation! One can at least say this about The End of the End: it's the story that keeps on giving.
· They Call It Nouveau Montauk [East Hampton Star]

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