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Beach Hampton Wants You to Stop Having Fun on Its Property

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In early August, the board of the Beach Hampton Association recruited several off-duty police officers to stand guard of its private beaches near Bluff Road in Amagansett. (Up to that point, complaints of unwelcomed "cars, foot traffic, fires, garbage and blaring music" ran rampant.) The decision met with contention because the board didn't take the matter to vote and the public tends to fancy anything with "no trespassing" written on it. With that plan mostly foiled, the association has now turned to more drastic measures: litigation against the East Hampton Town Trustees. The Post says festivities will kick off this Friday at the Riverhead courthouse, right after the Beach Hampton Association blows dust off of an "1882 deed that says they own the beach up to the high-water mark." But will the smelly old piece of paper actually prove "whose beach is it anyway?"
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