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For Broker/Blogger Doug Heddings, LIE Now Leads to New Office

Power broker Doug Heddings has been mighty busy these days. Back in June, he left the newly-formed Charles Rutenberg Realty brokerage to start his own place, something he likes to call Heddings Property Group. And on top of that, he also operates a popular real estate blog, True Gotham—something we like to call friendly competition. But Heddings has apparently already outgrown his Manhattan office, because he plans to open up a second office on Windmill Lane in October! Heddings and his team explain the expansion as a way to "capitalize on the market share [they] already have in that region"—you know, because referring away clients is kinda the worst. Heddings senior vice president Maria Pascal will be the office's first broker, and is already looking for about five more hopefuls. Superior customer service is the firm's angle, so package yourselves accordingly.
· True Gotham blogger Doug Heddings leaves Rutenberg [TRDNY]