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Former Chevy Chase House Kidding About $33M Asking Price

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Chevy Chase's former digs, a 12,000-square-foot original shingle style cottage, took a $6 million PriceChop earlier this week, notes Real LI. That means the entire 3.5 acre spread, which spans Lee Avenue and Lily Pond Lane, could be yours for a mere $27 million. For a quick reminder, the compound was assembled by the Terian family (of Rallye Motors), which purchased the house from Chevy Chase in '01 for $10.1 million, and then an adjacent Lily Pond cottage from a prominent real estate lawyer in '04 for $6 million. Today, each piece of the compound can also be purchased separately, with the Lily Pond cottage back down to its '04 value of $6 million, and Chase's former home down to $21 million. Sure, we like a bargain, but we like $30 million listings more.
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