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Sagg Spec House Will Make You $17.75M Lighter, Famous

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In July, Joe Farrell's $47.5 million Sandcastle estate catapulted nobody renter Cheryl Mercuris into stardom, sort of. But since Mercuris was willing to plunk down $500,000 to keep her fifteen minutes going, East End builders took notice. And now they're trying to recreate Farrell's success by outfitting their spec houses with a side of fame—just like this new $17.750 million Sagaponack spread, which will "make you famous." (The property is described as having "every amenity you could ever desire," so obviously fame's included.) Now, who's to say this particular property, which was picked up in '07 for $3.737 million, will make you more likely to nab a story in the Post than the next place? Not sure! But it turns out the plot of land was originally owned by the notable Ronald Lauder, so that's a pretty good start.
· Listing: An Estate That Will Make You Famous [Corcoran]
· 802 Town Line Road, Sagaponack [Property Shark]