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East End Builder Regains Confidence, Ups Price About $1M

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Pricing pre-construction is about as scientific as pricing Loaves & Fishes' lobster salad (which—at $100—isn't very scientific). And a good case in point is this normal enough Bridgehampton spec house, on which respected East End builder Curto & Curto just broke ground. The 2.85 acre parcel of land was picked up by Curto & Curto in 2006 for an undisclosed sum. In 2009, the builders decided to list the property, with or without a 6,500-square-foot house, for either $7.695 million or $4.495 million, respectively. After a year and still no buyer, the builders apparently lost some confidence and dropped the price to $6.995 million. But over the past few months, egos must have healed, because so did the price; it was recently re-listed for $7.8 million. That little story made us dizzy, but we kinda liked it.
· Listing: Spectacular Curto Pre-construction [Prudential]
· Listing: 100 Halsey Lane, Bridgehampton [Corcoran]