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Brokers Agree That Sag Harbor Is Pretty Much The Best

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With Montauk constantly stealing the gentrification spotlight, it's easy to forget about Sag Harbor's remarkable real estate story. Luckily, Sag has many a fan in the broker community, and they're all sorts of eager to remind us of the upward trend. Take Judi Desiderio, the CEO of Town and Country Real Estate, who points out that the historic whaling town had the "greatest increases in the total sales volume and median home sales" in the most recent second quarter. (She uses a 350.45% increase in sales volume as proof.) And then there's a Sotheby's agent, who relays a few buzzwords to get the point across:

In our opinion, Sag Harbor, is 'hot,' with real sales activity in the $2 to $4 million range in the heart of the Village, especially of first-rate renovations of classic homes either among its many waterways and prime streets, like the Redwood neighborhood, and along Captains Walk.Still not convinced? Well, we've got one more piece to this argument. In early August, a three acre waterfront parcel on Actor's Colony Road in North Haven made waves after closing for $12 million. Why? Because it became the most expensive land transaction "in the history of Sag Harbor." But now there're whispers that a new deal may steal that title. Says Dan's Papers: "in North Haven a very huge deal is approaching a closing, with an insider telling me it is in the $15M range, for land only."
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