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Folks, There's A Secret Art Gallery Underneath That Pool

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[Photo credit: Houses at Sagaponac]

The newest offering from the borderline revolutionary Houses at Sagaponac development comes with something unheard of until today: A secret underground gallery that's "illuminated by skylights under twelve feet of water." Just your typical flood-insured basement, right? The underground passage also tunnels between two of the detached buildings, which means you get a good look at the pool's underside whenever you shuffle between the main house and, well, that other thing. So who's behind this unlikely summerhouse? That'd be Time Magazine's America's Best Architect, Steven Holl, whose work includes the Chapel of St. Ignatius in Seattle, Washington. Judging by the model above, this $4.2 million spread still has a ways to go, but once completed it'll eventually join 32 other mind-boggling homes.
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