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Navy Beach Settles Its Parking Problems Pretty Easily

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Like Surf Lodge before it, the ever-popular Navy Beach hasn't been able to squeeze its endless supply of patrons into its tiny parking lot. And until recently, the result has been rather troublesome: Apparently, Montauk's "police and fire marshals received numerous complaints from residents fed up with cars parked along the narrow" Navy Road. It got so bad that officers even had to sprinkle Navy Road with dozens of "No Parking" signs and some police enforcement. But thanks to Navy Beach's new valet scheme, everybody can relax. After meeting with police officials, management conceived a valet plan that shuttles patrons between Town-owned land and the restaurant. And while a similar plan met with backlash at Surf Lodge, Navy Beach's solution seems to have done the trick. According to the EH Star, the chief fire marshal's "largest concern had been satisfied."
· Shuttling Throngs of Barflies in Montauk [EH Star]

Navy Beach Restaurant

16 Navy Road, Montauk, NY 11954 631-668-6868