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Turns out Grass Is Greener for The East End's Elite

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In a recent spread, Vanity Fair gives us a look at something most only dream about: life behind the hedge of the East End's young power players. So what's it like? As you'd imagine, the well-to-do spend a fair amount of time tinkering on impossibly green lawns. But as polo star Nic Roldan rightfully puts it, "It's not all work and no play." Good, we were worried! Take Amanda Hearst: she unwinds at her parents' Water Mill estate, complete with an emu, miniature goats, a donkey, and other Farmer Joe-favorites. And then there's TV personality Katie Lee, who cooks up a storm after her Early Show segment at an upside-down oceanfront pad in Sagg. Sadly, not all of our favorite boldface names are fortunate enough to own just yet. Fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, for example, instead chooses to "stay with friends in East Hampton and Amagansett."
· Behind the Hamptons Hedges [Vanity Fair]