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Gulf Coast Kitchen is Homegrown; Mezza Luna Gets Exile'd

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Gulf Coast Kitchen—Now that chef Robbin Haas is nice and comfy at his new post at the Montauk Yacht Club, he's able to share his plan for the laid-back eatery. Haas explains: Long Island "has this great backyard—great seafood, produce, fruits and vegetables—and that's what we wanted to incorporate into this menu." In other words, he's going local and—better yet—going green! Haas adds that in shying away from "flying in a duck from France," he's able to reduce the restaurant's carbon footprint. Oh, another point of interest: Haas owns "two restaurants in Guatemala and [lives] there most of the year." Some life! [Hamptons Magazine]

Exile—One restaurant closes, and another opens! In the space once housed by the now-shuttered Mezza Luna comes a pet-project from the people behind Meeting House, a nearby Amagansett staple. The new place, which features a wood-burning oven and late-night dining, specializes in tapas and unique entrees, including an "Iowan lardo with '40% less fat and 3 times the protein'." [Thrillist]