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Top 10 East End Brokers Have More Listings Than You

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In the August issue, The Real Deal decides that the best way to rank our beloved Hamptons power-brokers is with a tidy little metric: their "dollar volume of listings over the $5 million mark." Cool! So which brokers made the top 10 list? And—more importantly—which tony listings catapulted them to such stardom? For starters, heavy hitter Harold Grant, a senior vice president from Sotheby's, topped the list. As of June, Grant had some 26 listings worth a total of over $650 million. Highlights from his portfolio include the Three Ponds estate (shown above), which he picked up in 2008 and listed for $68 millon—it was previously priced at $75 million. Up next is local celebrity Susan Breitenbach, a Corcoran vice president with 33 listings worth just shy of $607 million. Included in Breitenbach's portfolio is the Three Ponds estate as well as several of builder Jeffrey Colle's showplaces.

#3. Tim Davis: 17 listings totaling $272 million.
#4. Gary DePersia: 19 listings totaling $222 million.
#5. Beate Moore: 17 listings totaling $221 million.
#6. Ed Petrie: 13 listings totalign $138 million.
#7. Dana Trotter: 4 listings totaling $122 million.
#8. Christopher Burnside: 7 listings totaling $111 million.
#9. Enzo Morabito: 8 listings totaling $99 million.
#10. Peter Turino: 6 listings totaling nearly $90 million.
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