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$5.75M Montauk Modern Was Designed by Starchitect Peter Blake

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One of late starchitect Peter Blake's modernist beach houses, which he designed and built during the '50s and 60's, has hit the market for $5.75 million. The oceanfront pad boasts 3,000 square feet, endless views, and a one-of-a-kind design. Some of Blake's more notable East End projects include the Pin Wheel House in Water Mill, the Armstrong House in Montauk, and an unrealized "Ideal Museum," which was commissioned by Jackson Pollock. According to records, the property in question was last sold in 2001 to a West Coast wealth manager for $500,000. And if this piece in People Magazine is to be any inidcation, then the current owner is also something of a character: apparently, he arrived to his $250K "Arabian Nights-themed wedding" on a rented elephant.
· Listing: Montauk Oceanfront Masterpiece [Corcoran]