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Maycroft Mansion Earns James Merrell Architects An Award

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A few years back, James Merrell Architects of Sag Harbor executed a mind-boggling renovation on the circa 1885 Maycroft estate in North Haven. The relocated and rotated house received great views, and now the architects have received the Palladio Award! When Merrell first got on the job, the 15,000-square-foot expanse sorta looked like a Victorian summer cottage. Unfortunately, years of "swanky" renovations and of housing a school and a summer camp complicated the house's "architectural expression." As Merrell explains, the architectural style "didn't add up." So the team got to re-imagining the floorplan and the facade. But nothing trumps the team's solution to the house's compromised view. To make use of the property's water views, the team moved the house "about 100 yards on the same lot to a new foundation, reorienting [it] about 260 degrees." Just like the house, our heads are spinning! Hope those new views—and the firm's Palladio Award—were worth it.
· Reimagining Maycroft [Period Homes]