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French Mogul Exits Meadow Lane Rental, Costing Owner $165k

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What's that they always tell you about a deal not being a deal until it's signed on the dotted line? Case study #42,810: the owner of 2170 Meadow Lane in Southampton—a Norman Jaffe-designed abode with ocean views (above)—wants Lazard co-CEO Matthieu Pigasse to cough up $165,000 for the night Pigasse spent at the house earlier this month. The problem: no one ever made Pigasse sign a contract. As Page Six has it today:

He flew in from France having paid no deposit, but a broker agreed to let him into the $30 million five-bedroom house. Broker Jack Prizzi, who rented Pigasse the house and met him on arrival, told us: "It was my mistake letting them in with no deposit or signed contract, but they flew in at night. He had eight people with him including a 16-month-old baby. By 3 p.m. the next day, all hell broke loose because the money still hadn't arrived. They said they didn't like the house because it didn't look like the pictures—it looks exactly like the pictures."Pigasse has since relocated to a rental on Meadow Lane, where, one assumes, the owner rests easy with a signed, sealed, and delivered rental deal.
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