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Five-Unit Ditch Plains Co-op Costs $18.1M Less Than The East Deck

Today's edition of The End of The End brings us a sleepy five-unit enclave in the Ditch Plains section of Montauk. The co-ops, which were built during the 70s, range from one to two bedrooms, and stake claims in either detached or semi-detached cottages. According to broker Kristin Mallinson, the property, which falls on a little under an acre of land, is about five minutes from the beach. It's also a hop, skip, and a jump from the oceanfront East Deck Motel, which just hit the market for $20 million. At $1.9 million, the Ditch Plain co-ops are a heck of a lot less money—but present just as unique of an opportunity.
· Listing: One of A Kind Ditch Plains Opportunity [Prudential]