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Architect Thinks New Owner 'Bastardized' His Design

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In 1965, architect R Scott Bromley, who worked under starchitect Philip Johnson and designed studio 54, built the modern beach house shown above. Then, in 2005, "former media executive Timothy Kelly" picked the place up for $4.55 million, and then dropped $1 million in renovations to bring the place up to par. Sadly, Bromley is less than pleased the renovation. He contends:

It still has the bones, but it's really bastardized .. It isn't as clean and neat and minimal as it started out ... It's just not as good as it used to be. Ouch, that's gotta hurt! But Kelly defends his renovation, explaining that it "provided a little functionality that wasn't there in the original design." Not that we want to take sides, but the house has been listed for some time now, and had its price chopped from $7.5 to $6.295 million. So maybe the owner should've left well enough alone?
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