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$2.995M House Has Bluest Pool We've Ever Seen

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Only a few houses down from the sparkling Lake Agawam sits a pristine 1920s stucco house with the bluest looking pool we've ever seen. A little too much photoshop? Or is the pool just having a bad day? We guess it's probably the latter, mainly because the current owner will have to accept a loss on the property. According to recorded deeds, the property sold in '08 for $3.150 million; today, however, the house just hit the market for $2.995 million. Yup, things aren't looking too good, especially since the current owner also paid for a renovation back in '09. Can't win 'em all. Although getting to spend a few summers at this place must count for something, right?
· Listing: Southampton Village: Renovated Classic Home [Sotheby's]