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Dave's Grill Has A Pretty 'Mythic Reservation Policy'

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If you've ever tried dining at Dave's Grill in Montauk—the one place in the Hamptons "people never seem to complain about"—then you know it has a pretty unique reservation system. To shed some light on the process, which is kind of like a Sudoku," the WSJ sat down with the eatery's hostess, Julie Marcley. Marcley, who is armed with some pens, White Out, and paper, begins taking "same-day-only" resrevations at 4:15. During the courtship, Marcley first takes "three to four tables for every 15 minutes"—and then assigns guests to tables. And although the system seems weird, it produces "very few no-shows," which means flaky customers will be blacklisted. Can't have that, now can we?
· The Scoop on a Hot Table [WSJ]

Dave's Grill

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