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$4.7M Sagg Property Was Designed by In-N-Out Architect

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[Photo credit: Houses at Sagaponac]

Another listing in the somewhat troubled Houses at Sagaponac development in Sagg North has hit the market for $4.7 million. The new house, which will join 34 other starchitect-design modern properties, was designed by LA architect Stephen Kanner, who has "developed award-winning designs for commercial clients like In-N-Out Burger." But enough about the architect, let's talk about the house. To help address the home's heavily wooded property, Kanner actually decided to build the house on a 2-foot platform, you know, so it's closer to the sky. And to add even more drama, Kanner designed a "sculptural stair that wraps around the two-story living room's fireplace." Of course, less adventurous stair-climbers can just take the more ordinary spiral staircase, which is wedged off in a corner.
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Houses at Sagaponac

21 Forest Crossing, Sagaponack, NY