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Proceeds from Sagg Foursquare Will Preserve More Farmland

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Peconic Land Trust president John v.H. Halsey confirms that the most controversial 1930s foursquare farmhouse ever will in fact be sold to help raise funds for other preservation projects around Sagaponack. (The remaining 11 acres adjacent to the foursquare's current home and Hopping Farm are prime candidates.) But don't declare victory for this foursquare just yet. The house, which already has a restraining order against it, recently received a dismal 20% approval rating from Sagg residents. And The Observer also reports of lawsuit threats between the mayor (of Sagg, not 4sq) and one of the foursquare's most vehement naysayers. Seems like this poor farmhouse's journey has only just begun.
· Why Did the Sagaponack Farmhouse Cross the Road? [Observer]