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Sag Harbor Church's Prayers Answered with $2M Contract

Praise the lord: The 174-year-old Sag Harbor United Methodist Church has found a buyer! The property was first purchased from the congregation in 2008 for $2.8 million. (A retired Goldman exec wanted to turn it into a loft-like single-family house.) It then hit the market a few months later for $3.5 million, but nobody—from Billy Joel to several restaurateurs—knew what to do with the place. Today, Amagansett businesswoman Elizabeth Dow will have to answer that question, as she is linked to the property's "solid contract" for "just over $2 million." Dow owns several design-related companies, including the Mixed Media Art Supply store in Amagansett Square, so it would not be all too surprising if she converted the church into a gallery or a studio. Wouldn't that be a religious experience.
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