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$17.5M Water Mill North Estate Will Knock Your Socks Off

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[Aerial photo by Alex Ferrone]

Anything that this $17.5 million Water Mill North showplace lacks in location it more than makes up for in, well, everything else. At 11,000 square feet, the recently-listed Newport-style cottage offers six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and lots of unique architectural features, including some borderline medieval details. And even though the 13.5 acre property rests quite a ways from the ocean, you can still catch distant glimpses of life on the South side from the hilltop gardens. So who owns this remarkable architectural feat? We did some Google stalking, and the property appears to be tied to one Ralph Isham, "a managing partner of GH Venture Partners" with an apartment on Museum Mile and a brother in high places at CBS News. The owner's father was also raised in Newport, so it makes total sense that he'd try to recreate that vibe, right here in the Hamptons.
·; Listing: Majestic Water Mill Hill Top Estate [Sotheby's]
· 231 Little Noyack Path, Southampton [Property Shark]

231 Little Noyac Path, Water Mill, NY