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Surprise! Cute Southampton Cottage Is Actually A Co-op

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Here's something new: A 1,150-square-foot detached cottage in Southampton Village that does double duty as a low-maintenance co-op. The cottage is located on a desirable Village street with "the best examples of Queen Ann and Victorian-era homes." (That's some bold broker babble, but we'll take it.) And priced at a mere $999,000, the tiny enclave even offers a "pint-sized lawn," two bedrooms, and some beachy, white-stained paneling. Also on the property is a turn-of-the-century Victorian home, which has been carved into co-ops as well. (A three bedroom unit is on the market for $729,000.) A nice alternative to the dicey condominiums in Southampton. But who knows what the approval process is like!
· Listing: 85 Post Crossing Unit C-2 [Corcoran]