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Great Chefs Don't Like Cupcakes; Fish Tacos with Sam Talbot

Great Chefs Dinner—Plum TV caught up with many of the Great Chefs at the recent part-charity, part-foodie event—and here's what we learned: Le Bernardin's Eric Ripert doesn't mind when guests take pictures of their food, the North Fork Table's Claudia Flemming doesn't hate foodies "because they keep [her] in business!," and cupcakes are still a hot-button topic. Says chef Josh Capon: "To be honest with you, I don't think the majority of the cupcake places are nearly as good as they make them out to be." [Plum]

Surf Lodge—After a day on the beach, Surf Lodge executive chef Sam Talbot and professional surfer Donavon Frankenreiter kicked back with the Infatuation TV crew to make some fish tacos. Apparently Frankenreiter can make a pretty mean taco, even though Talbot insists that his "looks better." That said, Frankenreiter should probably stick to what he does best: dishing out winning lines like "music, surfing, and food ... that's all anybody needs in life." Amen! [Infatuation TV]

Surf Lodge

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