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Water Mill Master Suite Is Bigger Than Your Apartment

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Not too long ago, we pointed your attention to a $12.950 million Water Mill spec house so big, it seemed to boast more appliances than the Home Depot. And now that construction is complete on all 18,000 square feet of this estate, we've got a better feel for how all that living space was divvied up. Needless to say, a fair amount of the square footage was allocated to the property's four laundry rooms and its colossal kitchen. But the big ticket winner is definitely the master bedroom suite, which totals about 1,500 square feet. Yup, it's about the same size as your two-bedroom apartment! The suite includes a vestibule, a large sitting room, two walk-in closets, a linen closet, an oversized bathroom (the shower appears to be 6' x 9'), and a separate water closet. As broker Gary DePersia explains, "sometimes bigger is better."
· Listing: 76 Rose Hill Road [Corcoran]