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Producer Frank Valentini Keeps His Emmys on Display

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A sharp Curbed Tipster spotted something peculiar on the mantel of one $2.350 million Bridgehampton home: two shiny Emmy awards! Some fancy footwork leads us to believe that the Emmys were awarded to producer/director Frank Valentini for his work on the ABC soap opera "One Life to Live." According to records, Valentini picked up the property in 2003 for $1.550 million, and then listed it for sale a few months ago. The same records show that Valentini purchased the property from a William Degel. Perhaps "New York's toughest steakhouse boss" with an upcoming reality show? Must be something in the water! That said, even if a future in television's not your thing, the property's gleaming decor, private location, and unique pool should do the trick.
· Listing: Bridgehampton Classic [Sotheby's]

363 Brick Kiln Road, Bridgehampton, NY