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Ritz-Carlton, Canyon Ranch Would Do What with Gurney's Inn?

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Today's lodging rumor mill brings us upstream to Gurney's Inn & Resort in Montauk. Even though the property isn't actually for sale (you know, like the rest of Montauk), the Post reports that several high-end hotel brands, including the Four Seasons, Canyon Ranch, and Ritz-Carlton, have "all looked at the oceanfront property, and would brand the property for a purchaser." Say what now?! And while Gurney's CEO Paul Monte reminds us that "Gurney's is not for sale" and is "priceless," the Post adds that the oceanfront resort would actually cost about $50 million. (Other parties interested in the resort include the adjacent Panoramic View, whose developer wouldn't mind giving its residents and its guests their "own restaurant and a spa.") However, with things heating up at Gurney's, it's probably safe to let this rumor simmer on the back burner for a while.
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